the ginkgo biloba leaves and fruit
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Ginkgo biloba extract: Discover the hidden secrets

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If you are wondering what the hype surrounding ginkgo biloba extract supplements is all about, this web site is provided to get you fully acquainted and up to speed.

The Ginkgo is a tree which dates back around 270 million years. Aptly termed a living fossil, the tree is the sole link between the lower and higher plants and is a symbol of longevity.

The popularity of the Ginkgo tree revolves primarily around the extracts from its biloba (two-lobed) leaves and inner seed of the fruit and the wonderful and numerous healing properties they provide. But that's just the beginning of the story. You will find various topics within this site ranging from ginkgo biloba history, the extraction process, the benefits of ginkgo, how it can be consumed and the side effects.

If you are looking to buy ginkgo biloba extract it's important to purchase high quality extract supplements. Therefore we also recommended ginkgo biloba extract products which have been reviewed and given the stamp of approval by consumer health groups.

Ginkgo: from the Chinese (later also Japanese) word Ginkyo meaning "silver apricot" (gin=silver, kyo=apricot). This term is thought to come from a romanized version for the Chinese ideograph Yin Hsing (Xing).

Biloba: two-lobed; bi from Latin "bis" meaning double, loba meaning lobes. The leaf is fanshaped with a split in the middle, hence two-lobed.

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